Mandiant Advantage

Launch campaign for cyber giant

Mandiant Advantage: The new standard in cyber threat intelligence

Mandiant, one of the world’s leading cyber threat intelligence organisations were launching a completely new concept, aimed at a market they had not previously accessed. The Eclipse team developed initial messaging and creative for the brand, developing this further to produce a full range of assets including YouTube pre-rolls, Ceros publications, web pages, sales decks, product information sheets, over 90 web banners and copy for a comprehensive Google 360 program.

Visuals cleverly tied threats from the animal kingdom with the process of gathering information to compile a comprehensive picture of a cyber threat. Mandiant wanted to be bold and confident with their visuals and language, stepping away from their current brand treatment.

The result was a highly impactful campaign which has over-achieved in terms of subscriber numbers and digital marketing performance criteria.

Client: FireEye Mandiant

“We consider Mandiant intelligence the most reliable available to us. It means a lot to us to have a responsive group of people backing up a reliable tool. Mandiant Advantage is user friendly and is continuously updated. It is the most comprehensive resource we’ve seen.”

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