Zombie Themed Event

AtTask, a web-based project management software provider, sought to shake up the definition of the ‘corporate event’ with a boldly themed ‘Zombie’ experience. This was to align with the ‘Workplace zombie’ info-graphic, used by AtTask, to denote employees who lack direction and drive – due to inadequate project management and communication.


Eclipse Events were delighted to be tasked with organising this event, sharing the determination to steer corporate entertainment away from boring hotels and death by PowerPoint!


The dark, dank and frankly scary venue that is ‘The Vaults’, beneath waterloo station, laid the perfect foundation for un-chained creativity. Five individual experiences were created which would engage, outrage and terrify those attending. The invitations warned that this event was not for the faint hearted. The tension built from the minute they stepped through the secret entrance to be greeted by not so hospitable security guards – scanning for infection among the new recruits. The teams were briefed, under military instruction, and dispatched to the underground zones to commence combat training- annihilating zombies. Chains, cages, crates and chemicals were employed to contain the infected, vaccinations were verified in a zombie laboratory and both mental and physical prowess was tested during nerve-wrecking activities. The rewards would come if and when they made it to the safe zone, where the infected could no longer violate their safety…or so they thought.