Culinare – Packaging Rebrand


Most people we know have at least one Culinare utensil in their kitchen. They are a stable diet for any kitchen goer – solid, robust and don’t cost the earth. But, there’s a slight problem, the packaging was starting to look a little dated…

What we did

With a well known and loved brand – you can’t just throw all that away – we wanted to pay homage to the humble tin opener, rejoice the fellow potato peeler.

Culinare was the savvy shoppers go to and our subtle rebrand delivered this. In fact we had to deliver over 90 SKUs at break-neck speed to meet the launch deadlines. At times we were camped at our customer’s offices more than ours. But having that hands on approach, reduced any hiccups which is no mean feat considering you are working with many overseas suppliers and anyone in product design will appreciate this.