Group Kick-off – Computacenter

2016 got off to a cracking start with a large-scale project at the International Exhibition Center in Barcelona. For several years Eclipse has designed and built Computacenter and vendor stands for their Sales Kick-off event. With a ‘pan-european’ push, however, this year’s event was moved from the UK to Barcelona, and upscaled to include 5 european countries. Entirely unphased by the challenges this might pose, our events & logistics team set to work, declaring “We’re going on a road trip!”


With the date set for the last weekend in January, work began on the design and build of the stands for IT industry leaders, IBM & Veritas. In the months leading up to the event, we worked with both marketing teams to bring together messaging, imagery and on-stand games and giveaways – tied perfectly to their specific campaign themes.


And then came the curve-ball!


With little more than weeks until the event date, Computacenter referred 2 further clients to us, that they felt would benefit from our expo expertise. With logistics already in place, it made sense for all parties to benefit from economies of scale. That said, we were determined this wouldn’t effect the fully bespoke approach we pride ourselves on.


We hope the results speak for themselves: 4 unique and impactful stands – designed, delivered and built on-site in Barcelona. We not going to pretend there were no challenges (or occasional all-nighters!), but we’re very proud of what we achieved, an 8-strong events team that pulled together to make it happen – that’s what we do!