We are your spare pair of arms and legs

…and we’ll leap in to action at a moments notice and jump on your project. Our no nonsense approach means we’ll step in when needed, create what’s required and then bow out quietly with no fanfare until your next project is required.

Struggle with freelancers and consistency

Sorry I can’t do next Tuesday….

It’s not nice not knowing whether your freelancers have the scope to fulfill your project. With Eclipse we have a strong team to back you up daily – whether you need one, two, or three designers to work on multiple projects – we’ll be there to make sure it all comes together from emailers, brochures, expo – the fully monty all in a timely fashion.


Overpriced agencies

Outsmart rather than outspend the competition

We give you a fair price for the work involved, we take pride in building our relationships with our clients and have worked with many for over ten years. Part of this is due to us working together to make a budget go further.

Inhouse overstretched

What do you want done first?…

You jump through the political hoops to get your job booked with your inhouse design team, wait days or weeks to finally get the first proof, only to feel a little deflated that it hasn’t hit the mark. With our no red tape policy,  you work direct with one of our designers meaning nothing is lost in translation. The end result – a project that delivers exactly what you want and more – after all that’s what you would expect from a design agency.