It’s all about the rebrand

The word rebrand can put the living fear in some people. You picture vast documents packed full of insight and reasons why your brand should look like this. Not forgetting the goliath costs that can be associated, you can see why many companies shy away from them or at best see them as a necessary evil that has to be completed.

But to be honest – a rebrand should always be about the people who work for the company or brand. Get that focus right and the rest will fall in to place far easier.

I’ve seen too many rebrands where the employees weren’t included enough in discussions –with so many hurdles to jump over surely you’re missing a trick not to include your vaulable team within your rebrand, spread the load and move forward as a group.

Picture it like an army assault course – as a team you’ll manage every obstacle together and make the final launch a success. Don’t include your team and every obstacle will become very hard to tackle, making your rebrand a very limp affair.

One of our favourite rebrands that we’ve worked on recently is EG – why not take a look:
Estates Gazette Rebrand

Steve Mitchell, MD